Weddings 2016 Are Simply, Naturally Beautiful.

It’s always exciting to see at weddings which bridal gown and wedding décor trends emerge each year.

And this year we have a real treat: natural elements are trending for 2016 weddings.

Therefore it turns out that leveraging simple romance of nature’s bounty can create truly breathtaking weddings.

Wood and whimsy

Marrying the love of your life in the great outdoors is no longer the only way to surround yourself with all that’s natural.

So many couples and wedding design planners are incorporating the strength and beauty of wood

into interior design and décor for their wedding vows or reception venues.

Arches have always been popular for weddings.

2016 will see couples exchanging rings under archways of rustic wood, woven branches or even driftwood.

Because wood embellishments add a charming ambience to the wedding reception.

Signage, place card holders, guest books, and of course centre pieces with a woodland feeling are simple and elegant.

IMG_1474 (1)

Nature’s palette

Each year has hot colours for weddings.

Seems like in 2016 we’ll see many more neutral tones that underscore the wonderful tints and tones we find in nature.

This year bridal couples are opting to work with earth tones of sophisticated grey, black, soft brown, crisp white, and soft metal.

IMG_1665 (1)

Neutral tones don’t mean that wedding venues or receptions will be devoid of drama.

As a result natural colours can be very striking in their simplicity.

Consider the soft elegance of a wooden chair draped in dove grey, accented by white ribbon and a bit of greenery.

Weddings greenery and florals

This year the trend toward sustainable catering is mirrored in the all-natural approach to flowers.

Cascading bouquets of locally sourced flowers and decorations of vines, blooms, and boughs are found

at outdoor weddings and indoor venues alike.


Thinking outside of lace and tulle, many brides will wear floral crowns rather than veils in 2016.

Floral centre pieces are stunning when artfully arranged with natural elements such as cork, stone, or wood.

Copper, soft silver and pearls are also popular choices that elevate a rustic look to something effortlessly

Adventurous rustic wedding locales

In 2016 the trend to outdoor and adventure weddings continues with increasingly popular al fresco settings

for the marriage ceremony, reception, and photography.

Nature-loving brides are going beyond beaches or farm fields, which are always a beautiful choice.

Therefore to host their weddings in national parks, campgrounds, and underneath forest canopies seems natural.

There is something very picturesque about beautifully set reception tables that seem to spring up in the wilderness.


It’s sometimes the small details that are the most memorable.

Like fairy lights spread through the branches of a towering tree, petals dusted over a vintage worn table.

Or simple wood chips and soft baby’s breath to line the walkway where the happy couple will tread.

Brides who keep their eyes on the details are sure to have an incredible wedding.


And as for the bride, it’s no surprise that the top 2016 bridal trends complement and incorporate the beauty of pearls for the Big Day.

Pearls have been a favourite of brides for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. 

A classic strand of pearls–yours or your mother’s–will compliment any wedding.

Given as a gift, pearls are a beautiful, natural reminder of your special day that last for years to come.

All weddings are unique and beautiful – let’s make yours as one of them!

Written by Patti Dechter, 

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