Wedding Store Shopping Guide

Although wedding period is a time to look forward to, planning a wedding is very stressful. You have to figure out your budget and start to plan your wedding around your budget. Let our wedding attire checklist and invitation tips guide you as you plan for your special day.This article provides you with tips to minimize pre-wedding stress. It is associated with making multiple trips to wedding store for wedding attire and other wedding essentials including wedding invitations.

Effective management of stress of the wedding planning period is highly essential. Make sure that you and your spouse make the most of your wedding day celebration. The wedding planning process ought to bring you and your spouse closer and more intimate.

Excessive stress can disrupt this intimacy. The main issue is not whether or not there would be stress but your ability to discover a problem and constructively deal with it.

Sources of Pre-Wedding Stress

There are many things that triggers pre-wedding stress. This is including making certain decisions, wedding expenses, expectations and the upcoming roles. The stress can have a great impact on your happiness and fulfillment in the relationship.

Other common sources of pre-wedding stress include: undue desire for a perfect wedding arrangement, too much commitments, moving home. Multiple trips to wedding store to shop for wedding essentials like dress, rings, accessories, outfit, treats, invitation cards and so on.

A number of these pre-wedding stress situations can be controlled. Your first step to managing all this is to identify the source of stress. The one that is within your control especially that associated with shopping for wedding items.

About to visit a wedding store?

Check out our Ultimate List of wedding attire essentials for the bride and the groom.

The wedding planning period is a time to take care of all minor bits and pieces. Even if you are a great planner, it is not uncommon to lose sight of a few important things if you engage in last minutes shopping. A stitch in time saves nine. The earlier you start the better. Let our wedding attire and invitation checklists help you to organize a perfect wedding. And guide your choice when you visit your local wedding store.


Wedding Attire: Bride’s Accessories

      • Bridal Veil and Hair
      • Bridal Emergency Kit
      • Lingerie
      • Bridal Garter if you plan to have a garter toss
      • Bridal Shoes
      • Dress Garment Bag
      • Wedding ring and other jewelry  including bracelet, earrings, necklace
      • Bridal headpiece. This can either be bridal veil, flower crown or tiara
      • Shape-wear (body shaper/slimmer, control thong, bra, bustier, slip)
      • Gloves
      • Cover-up including shawl, bolero, capelet or jacket



Groom’s Accessories Lists


  • Wedding ring
  • Watch
  • Neckie or bow tie
  • Tie bar
  • Pocket square
  • Cuff links
  • Suspenders
  • Belt
  • Shoes
  • Socks

Your Guide to Perfect Wedding Invitation and Shopping Tips

Wedding invitation is the centerpiece of wedding stationery. It reflects the tone of a wedding, whether formal or casual. Your wedding invitations give your guests a peep into your wedding theme. It is, therefore, essential to get it right starting from crafting a perfect wording.  Finding reasonably priced wedding invitations that depict your theme.

There are unlimited options to choose from when you visit your local wedding store.  But on the other hand your wedding style, the wedding season and your wedding theme will help you to narrow down your choices. Try to be consistent with color, theme, or motif in every part of your wedding arrangements.  To make a perfect choice and reduce cost, aim to order all your stationery and wedding essentials from a single wedding shop and preferably at the same time.

When to visit wedding store for your wedding invitation arrangements

The best time to visit wedding stores for your wedding invitations is roughly three to four months to your wedding date. The earlier you place your order, the better because it would give you sufficient time to make modifications, and address the outer envelopes. A calligrapher, for instance needs roughly two weeks to address 100 invitations.

When to send off your wedding invitations

The recommended time to send off your wedding invitations is eight weeks before the date although most couples commonly do so six weeks before 

their wedding day. If you have guests coming oversea, send their invitations ten weeks to the wedding day.

Online wedding store

Online wedding shop makes your shopping for wedding essentials less of a hassle. You have the advantage of selecting from myriads of trendy wedding essentials all in one place.

Whether you are shopping for wedding dress, groom’s suite, wedding accessories, wedding gifts, favors, decorations, bridal accessories and stationery to help you put up a wedding theme that depicts your style,  online wedding shop has everything you need to organize a perfect wedding.

What you can find in the store

Visiting wedding outlet for wedding reception supplies will provide you with a great inspiration about your wedding décor and choice of accessories. You will also get bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts, affordable and great dance floor accessories, stylish and custom glassware, bridesmaids’ robes and shoes, wedding favors.

Also, ceremony and reception décor, bridal accessory like garters, jewelry, veils, hair pieces, handkerchiefs, bridal clutches and many more all in one place.

It is going to save you a lot time and money including possible risk of driving to and fro one wedding shop to the other.

The convenience of online shopping

Even after you have done your utmost to plan your wedding, it can still take several trips to various wedding stores to be able

to make a perfect choice for your wedding.

The good news is that you can easily deal with this stressor through online wedding stores.

The convenience of online wedding store is changing the way would-be couples shop, select and receive their wedding supplies.

See below why you need to consider online wedding shops:

It saves time

Making multiple trips to the local wedding store to search for your wedding essentials is time consuming and would constitute enormous pre-wedding stress.  This requires visiting the wedding store to have a peep into their printed catalogs to get ideas of each wedding essential you want to buy. This implies making several visits to wedding shops before you finally place your order.

With your wedding round the corner, you already have a lot of engagements and responsibility to shoulder. It make no sense to sit all day in a wedding store sifting through catalogues oweddingstar.comf different categories of wedding items when you can do that at the comfort of your bedroom or even on the go via your mobile devices.

The online wedding store is always open

With online shops at your back and call, you don’t have to dash out to the local wedding store before the closing time. Therefore you can browse for your desired product anytime you have time and if you need someone to help you make a choice, it is just an email away at your own convenience and time.

Easy to use platform

Contrary to the labor involved in navigating the volumes of print magazines and catalogues, online shopping provides convenient navigation. You can browse through the categories of different wedding products. By browsing through online wedding stores, it is easier to have a precise glimpse of the entire color photos of what exactly you are purchasing.

Broad collection of wedding essentials, themes and ideas

With the online, you constantly get collections of updated and fresh version of available wedding essentials as soon as they are available in the market. Thus, you are at all times able to access trending and exciting unique options only made possible with online stores.

Cheaper products

Online stores don’t account for the usual overhead cost of a brick and mortar wedding shop. As a result they are able to sell wedding collectibles at a much reduced price. In addition, shopping online allows you to compare prices of your favorite wedding essentials and take advantage of discount wedding supplies.

Easy view of products on stock and easy to customize your options

Online shops make it easier to know products in stock and those that are out of stock. Also, you can easily customize your options with online tools.

Your order is delivered right at your door steps

Finally, the packages of wedding essentials can get bulky. With online shop, you do not have to worry.  A wedding vendor will deliver your orders neatly packaged right in front of your doorstep. What could be more convenient, less stressful and less time consuming?

With all the benefits of online wedding store, why not do yourself a favor and minimize possible pre-wedding shopping stress today by visiting online wedding store today. Remember, this means you can order all your wedding essentials in one place at the same time and from the comfort of your home!